Sunday, November 24, 2013

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Connecticut working group eyes improvements, cost savings

By Michelle Tuccitto Sullo
Investigations Editor
HARTFORD >> State lawmakers in the coming months will be meeting with educators and parents to develop a list of legislative proposals on special education.
Lawmakers are forming a new working group on special education under the Municipal Opportunities & Regional Efficiencies Commission, or M.O.R.E., which focuses on making improvements and finding cost savings.
Deputy Majority Leader Michelle Cook, D-Torrington, will be a co-chairperson of the new working group.
“The speaker of the house put together the M.O.R.E. Commission to make the state more efficient and lessen the burden on taxpayers,” Cook said. “As we have sat with municipal and education leaders, we hear how special education is costly. We have never looked at special education as a whole, and it is a huge component of our education budget.”

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