Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Special education in Connecticut: Students with disabilities vulnerable to bullying

Eighth grade students are photographed at a U.S. History course at Dodd Middle School in Cheshire on 6/18/2013.  Arnold Gold / Register      

By Michelle Tuccitto Sullo
Investigations Editor

Students with disabilities are more frequently the targets of bullies, according to education experts.
Children identified as having special needs are three to five times more at risk for being the targets of bullies than other children, according to the state Department of Education’s web site.
“Often, it takes shape in a way that presents the least resistance to being held accountable, and often occurs when adults are not paying attention,” department spokeswoman Kelly Donnelly said. “Bullying often occurs when an aggressor is presented with the opportunity to tease, taunt, threaten, exclude, or even cause physical harm and there is a low likelihood of being caught in the act.”

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