Sunday, January 20, 2013

Higher percentage of small-town people have gun permits than those in cities

By Michelle Tuccitto Sullo
Investigations Editor
If you live in a small town in Connecticut, you are more likely to have a pistol permit than a city dweller.
While Bridgeport has the highest number of permit holders, several small, rural towns top the list with the highest percentage of their population having a pistol permit.
About 170,000 people in Connecticut have them, and the number of individuals seeking them has increased in recent years.
Attorney Ralph Sherman of New Britain, who has had a pistol permit for about 25 years, said he originally got his because he knew people who had awakened to discover a burglar in their home.
“I wondered what I would do in that situation,” Sherman said. “I don’t feel that calling 911 and waiting for help is adequate.”

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