Monday, August 25, 2014

Arrests rare in Connecticut police deadly force cases

By Evan Lips
Register Staff

While protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, are demanding that a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager be prosecuted, in Connecticut since 2001, there has only been one case out of 38 completed investigations of police use of deadly force in which an officer faced prosecution.
A Hartford police officer was acquitted in that case.

Michael Dearington, state’s attorney for the judicial district of New Haven, has served in his current role since 1987. In 27 years, he’s never elected to prosecute an officer who was found to have used deadly force in the line of duty in his district.
“All I can say is that the state gives a fair amount of latitude with respect to the use of deadly force,” Dearington said.
“I’ve investigated a lot of cases,” said Dearington, who is the longest-serving state’s attorney in Connecticut. “But I’ve never had enough to prosecute a guy.”

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Read the sidebar: ACLU: 14 deaths in Connecticut since 2005 after Taser use.

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